5 Most Popular Categories Of Heart Shape Flower Box Wholesale



Heart shape flower boxes are very popular styles in US, and Europe market. Maybe you are lost in many styles. Now we summarize them in 5 big categories, depends on their structure.

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    1th Heart shape flower box with drawer

    There are a lot of ways flowers can be presented. But aside from the flower arrangement itself, one way to present the flowers beautifully is through its box. We offer our clients different heart-shaped flower boxes for wholesale. One of them is the heart shape flower box with a drawer. The box itself is in the shape of a heart and its height can vary depending on flowers inside.

    Aboved box is a drawer for its compartment. Here, your clients can add-in cards for their messages, chocolates, or other gifts – all of which can significantly alleviate the value of the flower arrangement and leave the receiver delighted with it. 

    The box can also be opened and it will reveal the heart-shaped box. This is advisable for a more surprising effect. Not only that this will add an element of surprise to the receiver but the receiver is also assured that the flowers are kept intact and safe throughout the delivery.

    heart shape flower box

    2th Heart shape flower box with clear window

    This heart shape flower box with a clear window on it is also one of the best-selling boxes from our heart-shaped line. With it, the flowers can be seen even if the box is still not opened. The receiver is guaranteed that the flowers arrive safely since the box is durable and won’t be deformed while it is in transit.

    heart shape flower box

    Compared to other heart-shaped flower boxes, the receiver will instantly see the flower arrangement without having to open the box just yet. They can easily see the arrangement even from the outside.

    heart shape flower box

    These heart-shaped flower boxes with clear windows can also serve as a beautiful display. This means fresh flowers aren’t just the flowers that can be packed in these wonderful boxes but dried flowers will look just as pretty with these, too! 

    Your clients can display the flowers with our heart-shaped flower box with a full-body clear window. With this flower box, they can easily see the flowers without having to open the box itself. 

    3th Heart shape flower box with ribbon

    heart shape flower box
    heart shape flower box
    heart shape flower box

    Our heart-shaped flower boxes with ribbons are one of the most unique designs that we have in our line. The box itself is heart-shaped and it has a dangling ribbon on each side so it can be carried like a bag. This set-up can enable the receiver to carry the flower box like a bag which is very unique and it easily stands out compared to other flower boxes. Ribbons can also be placed in front of the heart-shaped boxes with a drawer to secure the flowers in place.

    4th Heart Shape Flower Box With Open Heart

    heart shape flower box

    Our heart-shaped flower box with an open heart design is one of the most unique ones we have in our line. Using this box for any kind of flower arrangement, may it be as simple or extravagant, will instantly elevate how it looks like. With it, no one would even dare to think that it’s just a simple flower arrangement anymore. The addition of this heart-shaped box makes everything a little bit more extra.

    It gives the receiver the element of surprise since the box containing the flowers is concealed inside the heart-shaped box. To top it off, there’s a ribbon to secure the flower box in place.

    heart shape flower box

    5th Square outside with heart shape flower box

    This is another one of the boxes that we have in our line that’s cannot be usually seen anywhere. It’s unique and aesthetically pleasing. This flower box also significantly elevates the presentation of the flowers. From the outside, the box will look just like a normal package, but when it’s opened, the receiver of the flowers will definitely be surprised with the heart-shaped box inside with the beautiful flower arrangement in place.

    heart shape flower box

    More options of heart shape flower box

    Do you want something simple for your clients? We also have the basic red heart-shaped box which is just perfect for any occasion – may it be for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day, or Mother’s day, these boxes are truly a staple and classic for every occasion.

    heart shape flower box

    Aside from the plain box, we also offer our clients printed flower boxes. For this, you will be the one to provide to us the designs you would want to be printed on the lid and on the box itself. This is recommended especially if you want a personalized logo or branding of your business on the box.

    Limited by the length of article, many beautiful flower boxes are not list here. So we will provide you detailed price list when you subscribe.

    heart shape flower box

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